Volume 24, Issue 4

Articles include
The Dawn of Criminal Jury Trials in Japan:  Success on the Horizon? by Matthew Wilson
The Unfinished Business of American Democracy by Ezequiel Lugo
The War on Civil Law?  The Common Law as a Proxy for the Global Ambition of Law and Economics by Emma Phillips
Updating American Administrative Law:  WTO, International Standards, Domestic Implementation and Public Participation by David Livshiz
Notes and Comments include
De Facto Life Imprisonment in Mexico and the U.S.- Mexico Extradition Treaty of 1978 by Francisco J. Ortega
Correcting Mujica:  The Proper Application of the Foreign Affairs Doctrine in International Human Rights Law by Sinan Kalayoğlu
Global Warming v. Non-proliferation:  The Time Has Come for Nations to Reassert Their Right to Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy by Daniel C. Rislove