Volume 25, Issue 3

Articles include
The Unique FCPA Compliance Challenges of Doing Business in China by Mike Koehler
Harmony or Coercion? China-EU Trade Dispute Involving Intellectual Property Enforcement by Wei Shi & Robert Weatherley
The Article 9 Pacifism Clause and Japan’s Place in the World by Michael J. Kelley
Unconstitutionally Limiting Congressional Treaty Power: Why NRDC v. EPA Creates Unsound Precedent for U.S. Jurisprudence by Steven Patrick Cotter
The Fight for Access to AIDS Medications: How the Central American Free Trade Agreement Conflicts with Costa Rica’s Constitutional Courts by Kate E. Kaiser
An Irish Lesson for Empowering America’s Part-Time Work Force: ERISA and the Protection of Employees (Part-Time Work) Act, 2001 by William J. Roberts