Volume 28, Issue 1

Collaboration and Resistance in the Punishment of Torture in Iraq: A Judicial Sentencing Experiment by John Hagan, Gabrielle Ferrales & Guillermina Jasso
Men with Guns by John Riley & Michael Gambone
Using International Law to Promote Millennium Health Targets: A Role for the CEDAW Optional Protocol in Reducing Maternal Mortality by Margaux J. Hall
Rethinking Islamic Law Arbitration Tribunals: Are They Compatible with Traditional American Notions of Justice? by Mona Rafeeq
Is the Demand Requirement Obsolete? How the United Kingdom Modernized Its Shareholder Derivative Procedure and What the United States Can Learn from It by Kurt A. Goehre
The Role of Courts in Making the Right to Housing a Reality Throughout Europe: Lessons from France and the Netherlands by Kyra Olds