Volume 29, Issue 2

Varieties Of Legal Dualism: Making Sense of the Role of Law in Contemporary Russia by Kathryn Hendley
Disobeying the Law: The Culture of Non-Compliance with Rules in Latin America by Mauricio García Villegas
“Take Your Rights Then and Sleep Outside, on the Street”: Rights, Fora, and the Significance of Rural South African Women’s Choices by Dr. Sindiso Mnisi Weeks
Rights of the Ruled: Legal Activism in Imperial Russia by Jane Burbank
Uprooted Justice: Transformations of Law and Everyday Life in Northern Thailand by David M. Engel
Perceptions of Law and Social Order: A Cross-National Comparison of Collective Legal Consciousness by Marina Kurkchiyan
Trying Democracy in the Shadow of an Authoritarian Legality: Chile’s Transition to Democracy and Pinochet’s Constitution of 1980 by Javier Couso
Law’s Location in China’s Countryside by Professor Margaret Woo