Volume 29, Issue 3

Terrorism as Violation of the “Law of Nations:” Finally Overcoming the Definitional Problem by Daniel J. Hickman
The Nature of Union Citizenship Between Autonomy and Dependency on (Member) State Citizenship – A Comparative Analysis of the Rottmann Ruling, or: How to Avoid a European Dred Scott Decision? by Dennis-Jonathan Mann & Kai P. Purnhagen
Exploring the Role of Legitimacy and Identity in Framing Responses to Global Legal Reforms in Socialist Transforming Asia by John Gillespie
The Modified Mechanism in EU Accession: A Look at Croatia’s Accession Into the EU and the Plight of Croatia’s Roma Population by Nicole Wells
There Must Be Something in the Water: An Exploration of the Rhine and Mississippi River’s Governing Differences and an Argument for Change by Stephanie K. Chase
A Diamond’s Wealth is Forever: Comparing Zimbabwe’s and Botswana’s Diamond Mining Law Reveals Changes that Zimbabwe Should Implement by M. Jonathan Robb Jr