Volume 31, Issue 1

Articles include
“Fighting Transnational Bribery: China’s Gradual Approach” by Samuel R. Gintel
“Adjudication Fallacies: The Role of International Courts in Interstate Dispute Settlement” by Vitalius Tumonis.
Notes and Comments include
“Eliminating the E-Commerce Sales Tax Advantage in the United States by Following in the Footsteps of the European Union” by Douglas Huenink
“Compulsory Voting: A Possible Cure for Partisanship and Apathy in U.S. Politics” by Eric Lund
“The Constitutionality of France’s Ban on the Burqa in Light of the European Convention’s Arslan v. Turkey Decision on Religious Freedom” by Lina Ragep Powell
“Moving Towards a Sustainable Future: Replacing TRIPS with a New International Regime for Intellectual Property and Sustainable Energy Technology Transfer” by Nikhil Pradhan