Volume 31, Issue 4

Mitigating Conflicts of Interest in Regional Governmental Organization Civil War Mediation by Scott Sigmund Gartner and Benjamin Premack
UK Supreme Court Highlights Parochial Roadblocks to Cooperative Cross-Border Insolvency in Rubin v. Eurofinance SA by Tristan G. Axelrod
The International Zone of Twilight: Enforcing Customary International Law by Executive Order by Andrew T. Winkler
The European Commission v. Gazprom by Sam Bennett
The Actions of One, the Responsibility of a Nation: Charles Taylor’s Conviction by the Special Court for Sierra Leone and its Impact on State Responsibility Claims Against Liberia by Kimberly A. Hardtke
The Law Never Forgets: An Analysis of the Elephant Poaching Crisis, Failed Policies, and Potential Solutions by Emily Hutchens