Volume 32, Issue 4

Articles include
“Ballots and Bullets: The Right to Democratic Governance in International Law After the Egyptian Coup” by Ibrahim J. Gassama
“Jus Post Bellum à la United Nations? Human Rights, UN Peace Operations, and the Creation of International Law” by Sylvia Maus  
“Implementing DSB Reports: An Analysis Based on Brazil’s Retreaded Tires Case” by Marcelo Dias Varellas
“From Harbor to High Seas: An Argument for Rethinking Fishery Management Systems and Multinational Fishing Treaties” by Austin Dieter
“Testing the Boundaries: Does US Asylum Law Satisfy Refugee Convention?” by Eileen Dorfman  
“Transnational Child Support Enforcement and the Need for a Reciprocal Agreement Between the United States and Mexico” by Martha Mohs