Volume 34, Issue 1

Articles include “CSR and the Arab Spring Revolutions: How is CSR Not Applied in Egypt?” by Ahmad A. Alshorbagy, “Investment Treaty Arbitration and institutional Backgrounds: An Empirical Study” by Suha Jubran Ballan, “Reversed Harmonization or Horizontalization of EU Standards?: Does WTO Law Facilitate or Constrain the Brussels Effect?” by Dominique Sinopoli & Kai Purnhagen, “Keeping More of What’s Ours: Withholding Refunds and Exemptions in European Union Investments for Public Pension Funds” by William Dickson, “Should Have Scolded Your Kids!: Holding Foreign-Parent Corporations Responsible for Their Subsidiaries’ Price-Fixing Behavior in the United States, Canada, and the European Union” by Sean Fernandes and “Juvenile Law and Jihad: Exploring Anti-Terror Legislation and Calling for Mandatory Juvenile Treatment of Radicalized Teens Joining ISIS in Syria” by Eric M. Markisen.