Volume 34, Issue 2

Articles include “A Mutual Legal Assistance Case Study: The United States and France” by Peter Swire, Justin D. Hemmings, & Suzanne Vergnolle, “”Essential Equivalence” and European Adequacy after Schrems: The Canadian Example” by Gabe Maldoff & Omer Tene, “Anonymous Data v. Personal Data – A False Debate: An EU Perspective on Anonymization, Pseudonymization and Personal Data” by Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon & Allison Knight, “Current Issues of Cross-Border Personal Data Protection in the Context of Cloud Computing and Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Join or Withdraw” by George Yijun Tian, “I Agree. . . Or Do I? – A Rights-Based Analysis of the Law on Children’s Consent in the Digital World” by Simone van der Hof, and “Rethinking Data Security: The Differences Between the European Union and the United States’ Approach to Data Security and Building Transnational Standards with Transparency and Uniformity” by Shelby L. Wallace