Volume 34, Issue 4

Articles include “Equality and Nondiscrimination Through the Eyes of an International Religious Organization: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) Response to Women’s Rights” by Robert C. Blitt, “Legal Archetypes and Metadata Collection” by Alan Rubel, “Haste Makes Waste: WTO, Pilot Free Trade Zones and Financial Experiments” by Yueh-Ping (Alex) Yang, “Arbitrary, Unnecessary Quarantine: Building International and National Infrastructures to Protect Human Rights During Public Health Emergencies” by Anna L. Grilley, “Black Biology: Genetic Engineering, the Future of Bioterrorism, and the Need for Greater International and Community Regulation of Synthetic Biology” by Nicole H. Kalupa and “International Tax Regulation by United States Fiat: How FACTA Represents Unsound International Tax Policy” by James F. Kelly.