Volume 35, Issue 1

Articles include “The Chagos Islands Award: Exploring the Renewed Role of the Law of the Sea in the Post-Colonial Context” by Marina Aksenova & Ciarán Burke, “Transforming International Conflict Resolution to Catch Up with the Twenty-First Century (Promoting Collective Innovation)” by Nancy D. Erbe, and “Engendering Rule of Law in Health Care Delivery in Kenya” by Smith Ouma, Harrison O. Mbori, & Cynthia A.M. Amutete. Notes and Comments include “A Comparison of the Pre-Market Orphan Drug Legal Frameworks in the United States and the European Union” by Claire Dennis, “Beyond Ballot-Stuffing: Current Gaps in International Law Regarding Foreign State Hacking to Influence a Foreign Election” by Logan Hamilton, and “Creating a 21st Century Personal Data Protection Regime in the United States: Consent, Oversight, and Remedial Reform; Lessons from the German Model” by Jared Mehre