Volume 36, Issue 1

“Talking to the Wrong Guys? Diplomatic Partisanship and the Law” by Paul Behrens,
“The Role of Shari’a in International Commercial Arbitration” by Maria Bhatti,
“Personal Jurisdiction Based on the Location of a Server: Chinese Territorialism in the Internet Era?” by Jie (Jeanne) Huang.
“Sizing Up Labor Relations Down Under: What Australia’s Fair Work Commission Can Teach the National Labor Relations Board” by Jonathan Cook,
“Technical Solutions to a Human Problem: Organic Import Reforms in the United States and EU Are Inadequate to Prevent Fraud” by Jacob Mohr,
“Putting the Brakes on Rent Increases: How the United State Could implement German Anti-Gentrification Laws Without Running Afoul of the Takings Clause” by Miles Walser.