Volume 38, Issue 3

Articles include:
The Start of History for Corporate Law: Shifting Paradigms of Corporate Purpose in the Common Law
by Lance Ang
Regulating Cyber Racism in the United States: Legal and Non-Legal Responses from a Comparative Perspective by Dr. Ying Chen
Where Next for Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Following the Marshall Islands’ Cases?
by Alexander Gilder
Suffering in Silence: The Failure of Malawi’s Sexual Offense Laws to Protect Children–A Human Rights Report and Proposed Legislation by Michelle Xiao Liu
The Tort of Negligent Investigation: Canada’s Recognition of the Tort as a Model for Improving Compensation for the Wrongfully Convicted by Erik Olsen
Petitioning the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child for Relief from Climate Change
by Lauren Walson
Climate Change Loss and Damage Litigation: Infeasible or a Useful Shadow?
by Jacob Wise