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2020 Law Scholars Conference

Climate Change and Human Rights

Wisconsin International Law Scholars Conference (WILSC)
University of Wisconsin Law School, USA

Date: To Be Announced (postponed in light of COVID-19)


Climate change poses unprecedented challenges to the enjoyment of rights. The Human Rights Council has adopted several resolutions on the link between climate change and human rights and the Paris Agreement included a provision on human rights in relation to climate action in 2015. Despite this recognition, many legal issues remain unresolved –extraterritorial dimension of human rights, forced displacement associated with climate change (“climate refugees”), small island states and their people, the loss and damage mechanism, the responsibility of major emitters are just a few issues requiring novel approaches to international law.  The objective of the conference is to bring together international legal scholars to discuss high-quality working papers to promote research collaboration and advancement.

Free and Open to the Public

“Climate Change and Human Rights in Small Island States”

Keynote Address by Ambassador Dr Dessima Williams
Former Ambassador from Grenada to the United Nations and Special Adviser for Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations

Followed by questions, comments, and reception.

Author Workshop

Date To Be Announced

Paper Writers

  • Peter Oniemola, University of  Ibadan (Ibadan, Nigeria)
    “A Proposal for Transnational Litigation Against Climate Change Violations in Africa”
  • Kemi Mildred Hughes, University of Waikato (Hamilton, New Zealand)
    “Climate and Gender Justice in Sub-Saharan Africa: Emerging Trends Post-Paris 2015
  • Alexandra Huneeus, University of Wisconsin Law School (Madison, Wisconsin, U.S. )
    “The Rise of Ecocentric Rights”
  • Arpitha Upendra Kodiveri, European University Institute (Florence, Italy)
    “Indigeneity, Land Rights and Climate Change in India”
  • Sam Varvastian, Cardiff University (Cardiff, Wales, UK)
    “The Advent of International Human Rights Law in Climate Change Litigation”
  • Rafaela Teixeria Sena Neves, Federal University of Para (Guama, Belem, Brazil)
    “The Intersection of Human Rights’ cases and Climate Change in Brazil: Why we should care?”
  • Olubisi Friday Oluduro, Obafemi Awolowo University (Ile-Ife, Nigeria)
    “Combating Climate Change in Nigeria: An Appraisal of Constitutional and Legal Frameworks”
  • Sara Seck, Dalhousie University, Canada
    “Relational Analysis of Enterprises Obligations and Carbon Majors for Climate Justice”
  • Sam Adelman, Warwick University, U.K.
    “Limits and Potential of Human Rights in Pursuit of Climate Justice”

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