2021 Symposium Recordings

Keynote Address: “Race, Racism and International Law: A Repudiation of U.S. Exceptionalism”

Dr. James Gathii

Panel: The UN and Race


  • Anna Spain Bradley
  • Ursula Doyle
  • Antony Anghie

Moderated by Alexandra Huneeus

Panel: Policing and Criminal Justice


  • John Varghese
  • Danielle Burnette
  • Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovich
  • Tania Valdez

Moderated by Attorney Jarett Adams

Panel: Conflict Resolution


  • Penelope Andrews
  • Adrien Wing
  • Tatiana Alfonso-Sierra
  • Mohammad Shahabuddin

Moderated by Heinz Klug

Panel: Reparations


  • Henry Richardson III
  • Lisa J. Laplante
  • Robert Westley
  • Joyce Hope Scott

Moderated by H Timothy Lovelace Jr.

Keynote Address: “Amandla! Awethu! Racial Justice in the Belly of the Beast in the 21st Century”

Jeremy Levitt