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Established in 1982, WILJ offers articles of scholarly and practical interest in various areas of international law.

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Latest Issue

  • Volume 40, Issue 1

    Articles include:
    The Emergence of Binding Precedent In Brazil, China, France, and Sweden: a Comparative Study by Rodrigo Barioni, Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson, Qiao Liu, & Christina Ramberg
    Collective Legalization as a Strategic Function of the UN General Assembly in Responding to Human Rights Violations by Michael Ramsden

    Notes & Comments include:
    Maized and Confused: How Pesticide Regulations in the United States and Brazil are Failing to Protect Maize Crops in the Face of Climate Change by Katherine Cortesy
    The International Convention on the Rights of the Child and Juvenile Justice by Jacqueline Frank
    Duality of Nationality: Conflicting Rights in the US-Mexico Extradition Treaty by Osvaldo León

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