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Established in 1982, WILJ offers articles of scholarly and practical interest in various areas of international law.

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Latest Issue

  • Volume 39, Issue 3

    Articles include:
    Better Late Than Never? The Environmental Impact Assessment and Its Timing and Function by Thomas D. Grant, Avidan Kent & Jamie Trinidad
    Private Climate Governance in Australia: Indigenous Land Use Agreements and the Majority Default Rule by Samantha Hepburn
    From the River to the Sea: Water Conflict and International Law in Israel and Palestine by Natasha Spreadborough
    Slavery at Sea: Forced Labor, Human Rights Abuses, and the Need for the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission to Establish Labor Standards for Fishing Crew by Chris Wold

    Notes & Comments include:
    European Union Training Missions and the Law of International Responsibility by Evan Harley Janssens
    The Previous Play is Under Review: Baseball, Human Trafficking, and Differing Legal Approaches to Cuban Baseball Immigration in Recent US Presidential Administrations by Jordan Small
    Reducing Consumer Shariah Risk Through Truth-in-Lending Disclosures by Davis Sullivan

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