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Established in 1982, WILJ offers articles of scholarly and practical interest in various areas of international law.

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Latest Issue

  • Volume 37, Issue 1

    Articles include
    Whose Duty Of Elder Care? Examining Aging Law And Policy In Taiwan by Chao-Tien Chang
    The Relevance Of The Concept Of Due Diligence For International Humanitarian Law by Marco Longobardo
    Navigating The Mississippi International Watercourse: The Right Of Innocent Passage? A Riparian Opportunity For Canada & Mexico by C. Mark Macneill

    Notes & Comments including
    Driving The Future: The Antiquated Treaties, Unintended Effects, And Inconsistent Implementation Of Autonomous Vehicle Law by Mason Baranczyk
    This May Offend You: Scotland's “Nazi Pug” Case And Free Speech In The Internet Age by Farah Famouri
    The WTO Versus The Donald: Why The WTO Must Adopt A Review Standard For Article XXI(B) Of The GATT by Benjamin Jordan

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Jus Gentium Articles

  • What is the way forward for the Global South in the era of climate change?

    Vidya Ann Jacob

    The 25th Conference of Parties of the UNFCCC took place in Madrid during December of 2019. Thousands of negotiators and observers emphasized the goals laid down by the Paris Agreement of 2015. International climate change negotiations are convened not only with the goals of mitigating and adapting to climate impacts, but also looking at mechanisms to lessen climate-induced human rights violations, and achieving feasible sustainable development...

  • Hong Kong is an International Legal Experiment

    Sean O’Reilly

    There is a trio of old Chinese curses that goes something like this: “may you live in interesting times,” “may you come to the attention of those in authority,” and “may you find what you are looking for.” In today’s Hong Kong, it appears that all three have come true. Hong Kong’s current protest movement has raised several profound questions. It has forced us to ask ourselves, among other things, “what is Hong Kong?,” “where is it now?,” and “where is it going?”...

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