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About WILJ

The Wisconsin International Law Journal (WILJ) (est. 1982) offers articles of scholarly and practical interest in various areas of international law. Articles are written by both professionals in the field and by law students.  WILJ publishes between three and four issues each year. WILJ offers articles of scholarly and practical interest in various areas of international law. Student members of WILJ edit articles of interest in various areas of international law and draft articles for submission and possible publication.

Each spring the Journal’s Senior Editorial Board coordinates a program on recent topics of interest in international law. The Journal most recently held a symposium in April 2019 on “Lawyers and Lawyering in China and Russia: Common Challenges.”  WILJ is currently preparing to host the First Wisconsin International Law Scholars Conference (WILSC) on the topic of “Climate Change and Human Rights” in April 2020. Find our Call for Abstracts and additional information here.

The Journal is advised by University of Wisconsin Law School Professor Heinz Klug.

If you have additional questions, please contact our Editor-in-Chief, Emily H. Capodarco, at eic.wilj@gmail.com.

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