WILJ Welcomes 2019 – 2020 Senior Editorial Board

The Wisconsin International Law Journal is pleased to announce that University of Wisconsin Law School student Emily H. Capodarco has been elected as Editor in Chief for 2019-20. She replaces outgoing Editor in Chief Joe Malone.

The Journal is also proud to introduce its Senior Editorial Board members for 2019-20:

  • Amy Harriman, Senior Note and Comment Editor
  • Farah Famouri and Robert Ling III, Senior Articles Editors
  • Mason Baranczyk, Conor Cannon, and Keegan Madden, Senior Managing Editors
  • Nina Neff, Senior Program Editor
  • Kimberly Sweatt, Senior Business Editor

The student-run journal publishes three to four issues per year, which include both professional and student articles on a variety of international matters. The Journal also hosts an annual event on topics in international law. This year’s Symposium was held on April 5, 2019, and explored the topic: “Lawyers and Lawyering in China and Russia: Common Challenges.”

Finally, the Journal would like to congratulate the following students for receiving awards for the 2018-19 academic year:

  • Farah Famouri, Mary Kelly Quackenbush Award for Best 2L Note
  • Austin Auleta, Outstanding 2L Member
  • Jacob Mohr, Outstanding 3L Member
  • Keegan Madden, Best Citation Checker,

and the following students for receiving offers of publication:

  • Mason Baranczyk
  • Emily H. Capodarco
  • Farah Famouri
  • Amy Harriman
  • Benjamin Jordan
  • Nina Neff
  • Kimberly Sweatt (Alternate)
  • Kevin Koelling (Alternate)