Volume 24, Issue 4

Articles include
The Dawn of Criminal Jury Trials in Japan:  Success on the Horizon? by Matthew Wilson
The Unfinished Business of American Democracy by Ezequiel Lugo
The War on Civil Law?  The Common Law as a Proxy for the Global Ambition of Law and Economics by Emma Phillips
Updating American Administrative Law:  WTO, International Standards, Domestic Implementation and Public Participation by David Livshiz
Notes and Comments include
De Facto Life Imprisonment in Mexico and the U.S.- Mexico Extradition Treaty of 1978 by Francisco J. Ortega
Correcting Mujica:  The Proper Application of the Foreign Affairs Doctrine in International Human Rights Law by Sinan Kalayoğlu
Global Warming v. Non-proliferation:  The Time Has Come for Nations to Reassert Their Right to Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy by Daniel C. Rislove

Volume 24, Issue 3

Articles include
Introduction to the Symposium on Humanitarian Intervention After 9/11 by Scott Straus
From Humanitarian Intervention to the Responsibility to Protect by Gareth Evans
The Perils of Limited Humanitarian Intervention: Lessons from the 1990s by Benjamin Valentino
R2P after 9/11 and the World Summit by Thomas G. Weiss
The Vexing Problem of Authority in Humanitarian Intervention: A Proposal by Fernando R. Tesón
Constancy in Context by Michel Feher
Pro-Democratic Intervention in Africa by Jeremy I. Levitt

Volume 24, Issue 2

Articles include
A European Contract Law:  Ghost or Host for Integration? by Norbert Reich
Beyond “REACH”?  An Analysis of the European Union’s Chemical Regulation Program under World Trade Organization Agreements by Sarah Harrell
Essay include
The Tragic Foundations of Human Rights by Louis E. Wolcher
Notes and Comments include
Breaking the Rules of Transitional Justice by Kristin Bohl
Law Without State:  The Collapsed State Challenge to Traditional International Enforcement by Jonathan E. Hendrix
South Korea’s National Security Law:  A Tool of Oppression in an Insecure World by Diane Kraft
A Glimpse into the Future:  What Şahin v. Turkey Means to France’s Ban on Ostensibly Religious Symbols in Public Schools by C.D. Lovejoy