Volume 26, Issue 4

Articles include
Judicial Judgment of the Iraq War: United States Armed Forces Deserters and the Issue of Refugee Status by Patrick J. Glen
How Historical Events and Relationships Shape Current Attempts At Reconciliation in Iraq by Jeremy Sarkin & Heather Sensibaugh
United Nations Working Group on the Use of Mercenaries as a Means of Violating Human Rights and Impeding the Exercise of the Rights of People to Self Determination & the Wisconsin International Law Society: Model Law for the Regulation of Private Military and Security Companies by Jose L. Gomez del Prado & Margaret Maffai .
Comments include
Accountability for Private Military and Security Company Employees that Engage in Sex Trafficking and Related Abuses While Under Contract with the United States Overseas by Margaret Maffai
Private Pictures, Public Exposure: Paparazzi, Compromising Images, and Privacy Law on the Internet by Maya Ganguly

Volume 26, Issue 3

Articles include
The Global Market for Health Care: Economics and Regulation by Thomas R. McLean
International Health Care Convergence: The Benefits and Burdens of Market-Driven Standardization by Nathan Cortez
Cross-Border Health Care in the EU and the Organization of the National Health Care Systems of the Member States: The Dynamics Resulting From the European Court of Justice’s Decisions on Free Movement and Competition Law by Johan W. Van Der Gronden
Financing National Health Care in a Transnational Environment: The Impact of the European Community Internal Market by Vassilis Zatzopolous
The Construction of Healthier Europe: Lessons From the Fight Against Cancer by Louise Trubek, Mark Nance, & Tamara Hervey
The European Court of Justice, Transnational Health Care, and Social Citizenship – Accidental Death of a Concept? by Christopher Newdick
“Together For Health”? How EU Governance of Health Undermines Active Biological Citizenship by Mark L. Flear
Migration of Patients and Migration of Power: Politics and Policy Consequences of Patient Mobility in Europe by Scott L. Greer
Health Care Financing and Delivery in the United States, Mexico, and Canada: Establishing Intentional Principles for Sound Integration by Eleanor D. Kinney