Volume 28, Issue 4

Globalizing Conservation Easements: Private Law Approaches for International Environmental Protection by Gerald Korngold
Toward Harmonization and Certainty in Choice-of-law Rules for International Contracts: Should the U.S. Adopt the Equivalent of Rome I? by Charles R. Calleros
Women’s Inheritance and Conditionality in the Fight Against Aids by Sarah J. Conroy
Reconciling German-style Feed-in Tariffs with Purpa by Bradley Motl
From Brussels to Rome: The Necessity of Resolving Divorce Law Conflicts Across the European Union by Teresa Henderson
Examining the Groningen Protocol: Comparing The Treatment of Terminally-ill Infants in The Netherlands with Treatment given in The United States and England by Darin Achilles

Volume 28, Issue 3

Images of the Arab World and Middle East—Debates About Development and Regional Integration by Michael Fakhri
A “Supremer” Court?: How An Unfavorable Ruling In The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights by Ethan Kate
Boldly Going Where No Realtor Has Gone Before: The Law of Outer Space and A Proposal For A New Interplanetary Property Law System by David Widgerow
The Chrysler Bankruptcy and Reorganization with FIAT: A United States, Rule-Based Regulation Should Control Future Labor Disputes Between the U.S. and Italian Divisions by Joel Jacobson
The Prospect of An International Sex Offender Registry: Why An International System Modeled After United States Sex Offender Laws Is Not An Effective Solution To Stop Child Sexual Abuse by Karne Newburn

Volume 28, Issue 2

UNOCAL Revisited: On the Difference Between Slavery and Forced Labor in International Law by Lukas Knott
The International Criminal Court, Article 79, and Transitional Justice: The Case for an Independent Trust Fund for Victims by Tom Dannenbaum
The Multivocal Shari’a in History and Literature by Jennifer Wacek
11 U.S.C. 1506: U.S. Courts Keep a Tight Rein on the Public Policy Exception, But the Potential to Undermine International Cooperation in Insolvency Proceedings Remains by Scott C. Mund
Restore Indigent Health Care in New Orleans Now: A Fundamental Right to Health Care in Louisiana Following the Constitutional Aspirations of South Africa and India by Sai Lui

Volume 28, Issue 1

Collaboration and Resistance in the Punishment of Torture in Iraq: A Judicial Sentencing Experiment by John Hagan, Gabrielle Ferrales & Guillermina Jasso
Men with Guns by John Riley & Michael Gambone
Using International Law to Promote Millennium Health Targets: A Role for the CEDAW Optional Protocol in Reducing Maternal Mortality by Margaux J. Hall
Rethinking Islamic Law Arbitration Tribunals: Are They Compatible with Traditional American Notions of Justice? by Mona Rafeeq
Is the Demand Requirement Obsolete? How the United Kingdom Modernized Its Shareholder Derivative Procedure and What the United States Can Learn from It by Kurt A. Goehre
The Role of Courts in Making the Right to Housing a Reality Throughout Europe: Lessons from France and the Netherlands by Kyra Olds