Volume 30, Issue 4

The Human Right to Water and Sanitation: Context, Contours, and Enforcement Prospects by Lori Beail-Farkas
Are the Lisbon Treaty’s Amendments Sufficient to Establish Constitutional Order in the EU?  A Comparison to the German Constitution by Andrea Brauer
Santa Claus is Canadian, Eh!  Canada’s Ice Rush to Claim the North Pole and the Northwest Passage by Kevin Du
Making Standing Forests Fungible: Overcoming the Definitional Problems in Developing a REDD+ Mechanism by Kassandra Lang
Hydraulic Fracturing in the United States and the European Union: Rethinking Regulation to Ensure the Protection of Water Resources by Mark Weinstein

Volume 30, Issue 3

Articles Presented at the Spring 2012 Wisconsin International Law Journal Symposium
The Evolution of Brazilian Regulation of Ethanol and Possible Lessons for the United States by David N. Cassuto and Carolina Gueiros
Prioritizing Innovation by Sarah Tran
The Brazilian Experience in Building a Sustainable and Competitive Biofuel Industry by Paulina Calfucoy
Small is (Still) Beautiful: Designing U.S. Energy Policies to Increase Localized Renewable Energy Generation by Melissa Powers
Why the IFC’s Free, Prior, and Informed Consent Policy Does Not Matter (Yet) to Indigenous Communities Affected by Development Projects by Sharlanda H. Baker
Domestic Political Legitimacy of Tax Reform in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Turkey by Leyla Ates

Volume 30, Issue 2

The Road to Hell…: The Statistics Proposal as the Final Solution to the Sovereign’s Human Rights Question by Samuel R. Lucas
Provisional Measures Under the African Human Rights System: The African Court’s Order Against Libyra by Dan Juma
Electronic Health Records: How the United States Can Learn from the French Dossier Médical Personnel by Amanda Grady
Refueling Biofuel Legislation: Incorporating Social Sustainability Principles to Protect Land Rights by Jamie Konopacky
Where is the Right Balance? Exploring the Current Regulations on Nontraditional Three-Dimensional Trademark Registration in the United States, the European Union, Japan and China by Kexin Li

Volume 30, Issue 1

From Humanitarian Assistance to Professional Education: Fifty Years of the Wisconsin Law School’s Engagement with the Global South by David Trubek
Changing Venue of International Governance and Finance: Exercising Legal Control over the $100 Billion per Year Climate Fund? by Steven Ferrey
The Criminalization of the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: Providing a Statutory Regime to Criminalize and Prosecute Nuclear Weapons Proliferators by Patrick McDade
Indirect Refoulement: Challenging Canada’s Participation in the Canada-United States Safe Third Country Agreement by Rachel Gonzalez Settlage
Spurring Innovation in Uganda: Strategies to Assist Developing Countries in Drafting TRIPS-Compliant Patent Legislation that Fosters University Research and Innovation by Matt Richter