Volume 32, Issue 4

Articles include
“Ballots and Bullets: The Right to Democratic Governance in International Law After the Egyptian Coup” by Ibrahim J. Gassama
“Jus Post Bellum à la United Nations? Human Rights, UN Peace Operations, and the Creation of International Law” by Sylvia Maus  
“Implementing DSB Reports: An Analysis Based on Brazil’s Retreaded Tires Case” by Marcelo Dias Varellas
“From Harbor to High Seas: An Argument for Rethinking Fishery Management Systems and Multinational Fishing Treaties” by Austin Dieter
“Testing the Boundaries: Does US Asylum Law Satisfy Refugee Convention?” by Eileen Dorfman  
“Transnational Child Support Enforcement and the Need for a Reciprocal Agreement Between the United States and Mexico” by Martha Mohs

Volume 32, Issue 3

Articles include
The Right to Health and International Humanitarian Law: Parallel Application for Building Peaceful Societies and the Prevention of Armed Conflict by Amrei Müller
Use of Force and the ‘Humanitarian’ Face of Intervention in the 21st Century by Rohini Sen
Implementing Public International Law Effectively– Towards Conceptualizing a Steering of Business Activities by Myriam Senn
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Humanization from International Humanitarian Law by Hitomi Takemura
Treasuring What We Measure and Measuring What We Treasure: Post-2015 Monitoring for the Promotion of Equality in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector by Inga T. Winkler, Margaret L. Satterthwaite, and Catarina de Albuquerque
State Failure, Sovereign Equality snf Non-Intervention: Assessing Claimed Rights to Intervene in Failed States by Hannah Woolaver

Volume 32, Issue 2

A Pro-Choice Reading of a Pro-Life Treaty: The Inter-American Court on Human Rights’ Distorted Interpretation of the American Convention on Human Rights in Artavia v. Costa Rica by Ligia M. De Jesús
Human Rights: The Measure of Success in Nontraditional War by Major Paul E. Welling 
Consumer Protection in the United States and European Union: Are Protections More Effective Before or After a Sale? by Jon Fischer
China: The Growth of a New Superpower and the Extinction of Universal Jurisdiction by Eric L. Hwang
Limitations of the Customary International Principle of Non-Refoulement of Non-Party States: Thailand Repatriates the Remaining Hmong-Lao Regardless of International Norms by Jerry Vang
Brave New Frontier: Antitrust Implications of Standard-Setting Patients in the Smartphone Market by Elaine Xu

Volume 32, Issue 1

The International Protection of Journalists in Times of Armed Conflict: The Campaign for a Press Emblem by Emily Crawford and Kayt Davies
Prosecution of Maritime Pirates: The National Court is Dead—Long Live the National Court? by M.D. Saiful Karim
The Insecurity of Human Security by Yaniv Roznai
Freedom of Expression Through Technological Networks: Accessing the Internet as a Fundamental Human Right by Patrick Ford
Rights, Cameras, Action! Recording the Police: The Gap Between Modern Technology and the Law, and Why the United States Should Not Follow the United Kingdom’s Lead by Kevin Geary
The Constitutional Flaws of India’s Attempt to Promote Equality and a Look at the United States Constitution as a Solution by Siely Joshi