Volume 35, Issue 3

Articles include “Counter-Terrorism in Saudi Arabia: Going Around in Circles and Hidden Agendas” by Ali Adubisi, “Syria: The Unbearable Lightness of Intervention” by Amy Baker Benjamin, “Confederate Monuments and International Law” by Lucas Lixinski, and “Autonomous Weapon Systems: The Possibility and Probability of Accountability” by Swati Malik. Notes and Comments include “No Cows at Sea: A Proposal for a Ban on Live Export from the United States” by Frank Donahue, “Thailand’s Gender Equality Act: A Solution for the United States’ Transgender Bathroom Debate” by Riley Leonard, and “Equalizing or Encroaching? Ireland’s Place in the European Commission’s Move Toward Tax Harmony” by Katlynn Michalski.

Volume 35, Issue 2

Articles include “Coping with Crisis: Whither the Variable Geometry in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights” by Başak Çalı, “Localizing Human Rights Treaty Monitoring: Case Study of Taiwan as a Non-UN Member State” by Yu-Jie Chen, “Not Your Dumping Ground: Criminalization of Trafficking in Hazardous Waste in Africa” by Matiangai V.S. Sirleaf, ““First, Put Out the House Fire”: The Future of the African Human Rights System” by Basil Ugochukwu, “Double or Nothing? The Inter-American Court of Human Rights in an Increasingly Adverse Context” by René Urueña, “Brexit, Democracy, and Human Rights: The Law Between Secession and Treaty Withdrawal” by Jure Vidmar, and “Necessary Checkpoints or Immovable Roadblocks? Accessing the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights” by Oliver Windridge.

Volume 35, Issue 1

Articles include “The Chagos Islands Award: Exploring the Renewed Role of the Law of the Sea in the Post-Colonial Context” by Marina Aksenova & Ciarán Burke, “Transforming International Conflict Resolution to Catch Up with the Twenty-First Century (Promoting Collective Innovation)” by Nancy D. Erbe, and “Engendering Rule of Law in Health Care Delivery in Kenya” by Smith Ouma, Harrison O. Mbori, & Cynthia A.M. Amutete. Notes and Comments include “A Comparison of the Pre-Market Orphan Drug Legal Frameworks in the United States and the European Union” by Claire Dennis, “Beyond Ballot-Stuffing: Current Gaps in International Law Regarding Foreign State Hacking to Influence a Foreign Election” by Logan Hamilton, and “Creating a 21st Century Personal Data Protection Regime in the United States: Consent, Oversight, and Remedial Reform; Lessons from the German Model” by Jared Mehre