Volume 37, Issue 3

Articles include:
The Anti-Defection Provision Contained in the Constitution of Bangladesh, 1972, and Its Adverse Impact on Parliamentary Democracy: A Case for Reform by M. Ehteshamul Bari & Pritam Dey
Tainted Harvest: Transborder Labor Trafficking and Forced Servitude in Agribusiness by Luz E. Nagle
Russian Mercenaries, State Responsibility, and Conflict in Syria: Examining the Wagner Group Under International Law by Michael A. Rizzotti

Notes & Comments include:
Playing in the Sandbox: Lessons U.S. Regulators Can Learn from the Successes of FinTech Sandboxes in the United Kingdom and Australia by Amy Harriman
Can Transgender Troops Deploy? International Strategies for Managing Transition-Related Care of Transgender Military Personnel by Nina Marie Neff
America’s Violation of International Laws: The Trump Administration’s Zero-Tolerance Immigration Policy by Kimberly D. Sweatt

Volume 37, Issue 2

Articles include:
Justice Online? Lawyers and Legal Advice Websites in the People’s Republic of China by John Wagner Givens
Continuity or Change? The Role of Gender in Career Preferences for Young Russian Lawyers by Kathryn Hendley
Evaluation and Regulation of Professional Ethics of Lawyers in China by Wu Hongqi
The Gateway to Global China: Hong Kong and the Future of Chinese Law Firms by Sida Liu & Anson Au
In Search of Activist Lawyers in China: A Time Machine Back to the Heyday of Political Activism in the Chinese Legal Profession by Ethan Michelson
Professional Trajectories of Russian Law Students Graduated from MVD-Affiliated Institutions by Dr. Olga Semukhina
Criminal Defense Rate and Underlying Wealth Effect: Data Analysis Based on Judgments of First Instance in Sichuan Province in 2015 and 2016 by Lianhan Zhang & Weimin Zuo

Volume 37, Issue 1

Articles include
Whose Duty Of Elder Care? Examining Aging Law And Policy In Taiwan by Chao-Tien Chang
The Relevance Of The Concept Of Due Diligence For International Humanitarian Law by Marco Longobardo
Navigating The Mississippi International Watercourse: The Right Of Innocent Passage? A Riparian Opportunity For Canada & Mexico by C. Mark Macneill

Notes & Comments including
Driving The Future: The Antiquated Treaties, Unintended Effects, And Inconsistent Implementation Of Autonomous Vehicle Law by Mason Baranczyk
This May Offend You: Scotland’s “Nazi Pug” Case And Free Speech In The Internet Age by Farah Famouri
The WTO Versus The Donald: Why The WTO Must Adopt A Review Standard For Article XXI(B) Of The GATT by Benjamin Jordan